Architecture and Buildings

Lloyd’s of London Building, UK

The owners of the Lloyd’s Building found that paint on the frame around the atrium was shedding and plating onto the glass and adhered to the surface, making cleaning extremely difficult. The glass was successfully converted to ClearShield 'non-stick' Glass. Today, the paint still flakes but thanks to ClearShield® is easily wiped off and conventional cleaning methods are still sufficient to maintain the glass.

Lloyds’ Building Facilities Manager said, “We are very impressed with the ClearShield System, it has been extremely beneficial to our facilities management operation and we intend to carry on with the aftercare regime.”

Santander, Santa Fe, Mexico

The Santander offices in Santa Fe and Querétaro were awarded with the Intelligent Building Prize in 1994 by the Mexican Institute of Intelligent Building for their use of advanced technology. Keen to uphold the image of perfection, the buildings’ owners requested the glass was renovated and protected onsite with ClearShield®. A total of over 20,000m2 of glass was treated.

Shanghai World Finance Center, China

With a height of 492 metres, this building is one of the tallest in China.

Approximately 100,000m² of glass was treated with ClearShield® in the factory prior to installation. This meant any harsh inorganic contaminants on the glass, such as concrete splatter and cement dust, was easier to remove during its construction. Therefore ClearShield® reduces potential costly delays during construction and provides a significantly lower-cost alternative to replacing the glass due to surface damage.

For more case studies, please download our ClearShield Worldwide Projects Book (PDF 5.7 MB).