ClearShield Sparkles at International Awards

Ritec’s ClearShield glass protection system has picked up a prestigious prize from America’s Awards industry...

The Awards and Recognition Association (ARA) has recognised ClearShield in the Best New Technology category at its recent International Awards Show in Las Vegas. ClearShield DIY Kits were launched during the event by The Slee Corporation of Chicago, an industry leader in engravable glass and crystal products for a range of markets, including trophies, artistic glass and signage. The Slee Corporation has introduced the new Kits for customers of its CrystalEdge® glass products to protect the surface of the glass from fingerprints, staining and discolouration.

The CrystalEdge® brand consists of over 3,500 standard product and more than 10,000 custom designs, which are sold primarily to engravers, abrasive etchers and laser engravers around the world. The Slee Corporation had been looking for a way to protect decorative/sandblasted glass for a number of years, explains Barry Slee, President & CEO  “Many products, including lacquers, had been tested and failed, so we are very excited about ClearShield and being able to offer its proven technology to our customers in an easy to use kit. The feedback has been very positive and winning an ARA Award for best new technology, which is a tough category, is an excellent endorsement of ClearShield’s durability and effectiveness.”

ARA Best New Technology - Third Place 

ClearShield is applied after any engraving and/or decorative sandblasting is completed on the CrystalEdge® blank. Etched and sandblasted glass is particularly vulnerable to unsightly grease marks, airborne dust and dirt. ClearShield is based on a proven polymeric resin that bonds to the glass surface, providing a durable and totally transparent barrier. It is chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable and won’t peel, flake or discolour. ClearShield ‘seals’ the glass and leaves it easier to maintain in pristine condition and resistant to potentially damaging contamination.

ClearShield starter kits include 50ml bottles of PreCleaner, Glass Renovator, Sandblast Glass Protect and Clean-All, together with application accessories and instructions for use. Larger half litre packs are also available. Summing up, Barry Slee says the System is simple and safe to apply to any glass surface. “In fact, it’s already being used by our customers on a variety of glass products in our range, including the new Gallup Workplace Award, which is produced by RS Owens, the manufacturer of the famous Oscar statuettes.”

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