ClearShield® the Glass Surface Technology of Choice for NZ Ferry Fleet

Dirty and stained glass surfaces on marine vessels that become virtually impossible to clean is a common problem. Fullers Ferries of New Zealand - providers of ferry commuter services and tourism experiences to locals and visitors - were no strangers to it...

After experiencing disappointing and unsuccessful trials with what is sometimes referred to as ‘nanotechnology’, Fullers Ferries were approached by Brent Lewis of ClearShield Auckland in 2011 who brought them the solution they had been looking for. Over 4000m2 of glass on their entire fleet of 15 vessels have since been protected with the award-winning ClearShield® protection, upgrading it to 'non-stick', easy-clean ClearShield Eco-Glass™.

Mineral salts (sea spray) firmly bond to the surface of glass creating stains and making the cleaning process difficult if not impossible, time-consuming, more frequent, and often yielding unsatisfactory results. This means higher cleaning costs and reduced visibility, impacting on passenger satisfaction, and sometimes reduced safety.

A very successful trial proved that not only did the ClearShield Eco-System™ restore the ‘as-new’ appearance of the glass without the need for costly replacement, but it kept it that way year after year to the great satisfaction of passengers, crew and owners alike. The result was uninterrupted clear views for the passengers, greater safety on-board for crew, lower costs and an improved presentation for the Fullers Fleet. In addition, ClearShield Eco-Glass™ does not require harsh cleaning agents, for a better environment.

Fullers Ferries certainly care for their passengers and the environment. They initially contracted ClearShield Auckland to restore and protect all of their 15 ferries. In order to further reduce crew time requirements for the maintenance of glass, the contract was then extended to include yearly maintenance. In 2013, Easy Clean Glass Ltd took over the contract and successfully retained it to this day through continuous astounding service and detail by its director, Trent Harrison.

Ritec, developers and manufacturers of the unique ClearShield Eco-System™, send their sincere congratulations to ClearShield Auckland and Easy Clean Glass Ltd for their professionalism and expertise. If you are experiencing difficult maintenance and visibility with glass on cruise ships, ferries or superyachts, contact us now. We can offer you a proven and durable solution that avoids expensive glass replacement.

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