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'New Glass for Old'

Published in Intelligent Glass Solutions, Autumn 2014

The time is right for building owners and specifiers to take a close look at technologies renovating Problem Glass, making it look and perform like new...


'The Answer to Glass Corrosion'

Published in World Cruise Industry Review, Summer 2014

It is well known that unprotected metals exposed to marine conditions can easily suffer, causing surface corrosion and staining or discolouration. Now there is an increasing awareness that glass without protection will also suffer...


'The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth about... Glass Surface Treatments'

Published in Intelligent Glass Solutions, Issue 4 2013

Why are there so few technologies of Glass Surface Treatments but so many brands? Why have so many brands been unsuccessful? Why are so many risks being created by suppliers? The answers are simple...


'The Window to Wall Ratio (WWR) - An Unlevel Playing Field'

Published in Intelligent Glass Solutions, Issue 3 2013

Glass industry leaders are calling for ways of resisting the WWR challenge. This can be done, as described in this article, by highlighting basic flaws in the arguments supporting the challenge against glass...


'Ritec’s Multiple Award Winning ClearShield embarks on The Good Glass Campaign to challenge “Indifference”'

Published in Intelligent Glass Solutions, Issue 2 2013

The Good Glass Campaign highlights the causes of Problem Glass and shows ways that proven solutions add real value at every step in the architectural glass supply chain – specifier, processor, fabricator, contractor, installer, end user...


'Don't Get MAD'

Published in Intelligent Glass Solutions, Issue 3 2012

When designing, constructing or refurbishing a multi-storey building, overlooking the causes of “Problem Glass” is like having an ‘elephant in the room’ but paying no attention...


'Ritec: Low-Maintenance Surface Technologies'

Published in Glass Technology International, January 2011

Both the industry and the end-users of glass are well aware that there is a serious need for surface protection in order to maintain the original properties of the glass, as well as to resist staining and discolouration...