Why Choose Ritecoat


The unique Ritecoat System™ has been specially developed for the on-site renovation, protection and maintenance of aluminium, stainless steel and powder coated surfaces. The System converts ordinary, high maintenance surfaces into low-maintenance, ‘non-stick’ surfaces.

Ritec’s specialist onsite teams renovate metal and powder coated surfaces, restoring them to an ‘as-new’ appearance. The next process is the application of Ritecoat 2200TM or new Ritecoat R630TM (depending on the substrate) to keep them looking like new with easier maintenance.

Working like ‘non-stick’ cookware, Ritecoat surfaces:

  • Are much easier to clean and keep clean, eliminating the need for harsh and abrasive cleaning methods
  • Resists staining and discolouration, keeping their as-new appearance and performance for much longer
  • Look cleaner and brighter for longer between cleaning – improving general appearance and customer satisfaction

Introduced in 1991, the Ritecoat System™ has a proven track record against weathering, graffiti and chemical attack, in a wide range of environments.

In 2015, Ritec launched Ritecoat R630TM which is even easier to apply with improved performance for stainless steel surfaces. Click here to find out more!

Powder coat

Stainless Steel