Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

See us, an official International Marketing Partner or one of our dealers at an upcoming event soon!


Surface Design Show 2022

8 - 10  February 2022
Business Design Centre London, UK

Surface Design Show is the UK’s leading event for architects and designers to explore the best in surface material innovation.


Ritec International, Stand 270

Daedalian Glass Studios, Stand 273

de-da-li-an, adj formed with art; displaying artistic or inventive skills; intricate; varied The definition of Daedalian encapsulates the ethos of this glass studio. Daedalian is art, Daedalian is inventive design and innovative production, Daedalian is intricacy and attention to detail, Daedalian is unique creations using a range of glass-working techniques.

Surface Design Show

glasspro INDIA 2022

3 - 5 March 2022
Bombay Exhibition Centre
Goregaon (East), Mumbai, India

glasspro INDIA 2022 – International Exhibition for Flat glass Processing Products and Accessories – will open its shutters from 03-05 March, 2022, Hall 2 Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon (East) Mumbai, India.

Showcasing the latest and finest trends and innovation in flat and processed glass products and applications. Also on display will be the latest glass processing solutions, tools, auxiliary products and services. Over the year’s glass has evolved through scientific and technological advancements to cater to a myriad of demands across a broad spectrum of industries. Its influence is most prominent in the construction industry, which represents the dominant end-use market for flat glass.

Ritec India / Roshnak Surface Care Systems