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With over 30 years of field experience and proven results, Ritec International is the pioneer and market leader for 'non-stick' glass, ClearShield®. The ClearShield Eco-System™, providing unique solutions for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass, has won numerous industry awards.

We also renovate and protect a range of other surfaces with our unique systems including metals, powder coating and electrical insulators.

The Ritec product range

Ritec is the leading manufacturer of low-maintenance and surface protection products for a range of surfaces. To find out more, click a logo below.

 for ‘non-stick’, Low-M®
  for 'non-stick' metal and
powder coated surfaces
  for enhanced performance
of electrical insulators

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Ritec's ClearShield Eco-System™ to a Make a Stand at the FIT Show!

Ritec International, the market leader in durable ‘non-stick’ surface technologies, will showcase their award-winning ClearShield Eco-System™ at the 2016 FIT Show...

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The ClearShield Eco-System™


The ClearShield Eco-System™ is available for use in a wide range of industries...

Architecture and buildings

Decorative glass

Shower glass

Solar panels



Windows and conservatories

Factory application



If you are a homeowner in the UK or Ireland and have purchased a shower protected with ClearShield®, click here to visit ClearShield.biz and register your new shower with us.