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How ClearShield Works

01 Glass surface

​02 Magnification of ClearShield Eco-Glass®

How ClearShield® Works

The ClearShield Eco-System® is the answer to Problem Glass.

The power behind the ClearShield Eco-System™ for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass is ClearShield®, a unique polymeric resin. 

The surface of ordinary glass is not smooth and consists of microscopic peaks and potholes. Organic and inorganic contaminants fill these potholes and some react chemically with the glass, firmly bonding to the surface. Because of this, cleaning glass becomes more difficult.

When applied to ordinary glass in liquid form, ClearShield® cross-links with itself and the glass to form a strong chemical bond that gives the glass both high performance protection and durability, upgrading it to ClearShield Eco-Glass®. ClearShield® is completely transparent, chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable. Unlike a coating, ClearShield® becomes part of the glass so it will not peel, discolour or crack.

Working like a 'non-stick' frying pan, ClearShield® prevents contaminants from bonding to the glass surface and limits further damage caused by corrosion and chemical attack. Cleaning is now easier without the need for harsh abrasives or methods – as well as saving time and effort.

ClearShield Eco-Glass® performs like new for life following a recommended simple and economic after-care programme.

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