Disinfect-All Range

New Ritec Disinfect-All™...
A Bug's Worst Enemy!

Keeping surfaces clean and hygienic is of course important for your health. Introducing new Ritec Disinfect-All™, a powerful all-in-one general cleaner to help you do just that!

Professional-grade Ritec Disinfect-All™ is so powerful that it deactivates MRSA, HIV Virus, Hepatitis B and C, C. Difficile.

Disinfect-All™ is highly versatile and works on most surfaces, including glass, metal, plastic, flooring, rubber and even upholstery. Disinfect-All™ also works on Ritec ‘non-stick’ easy-clean ClearShield Eco-Glass®*.

  • Better cleanliness and hygiene

  • Eliminates unpleasant odours

  • Non-flammable, not classified as hazardous

  • Pleasant, long-lasting fragrance

In short, Disinfect-All™ is ideal for most hard and soft surfaces in domestic, commercial and industrial applications, including floors, wall panels, washbasins, toilets and urinals.

Disinfect-All™ is now available from our secure online store www.clearshield.biz for UK and Ireland residents in 500ml handy trigger spray bottles and economical 300ml concentrate refill packs (when diluted this will give you 1 litre of Disinfect-All™).

For bulk trade enquiries and / or if you wish to purchase outside of the UK and Ireland, please fill out your details in our contact form.

Stay clean, hygienic and healthy!

*If you have a shower protected with ClearShield®, you will still need to use Ritec’s specialist After-Care for Shower Glass to maintain your  shower warranty.